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Psychology Session


I work with the whole person in mind, body and spirit — not just emotional issues.


I provide a non-judgmental atmosphere to help you decide how to make changes that improve your quality of life. Please note that while I will offer you guidance and support, you will have the major responsibility in creating the life changes that you want.

Using mindfulness-based therapy that integrates the mind, body and spirit, I can assist you in transforming negative and destructive thoughts and behavior into helpful and compassionate responses.

This type of cognitive-behavioral therapy comes from the tradition of loving-kindness meditation and mindfulness practices found in Buddhism, and can help in depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, chronic pain, relationship issues, and recovery from trauma and grief.

As therapist and client, we will act as partners in discovering how to make changes in your beliefs, experiences and behaviors that will facilitate healing.

We start with assessing the patterns in your life that cause or contribute to problems, including behavioral patterns that may be causing headaches, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

I then design a program to help you change these behaviors and cope with your existing situation without making it worse.

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