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Young Family


Each family member deals with their own stresses, and arguments often occur even in the closest family. It’s when this becomes a problem that counseling may be necessary. Family counseling can also be helpful when someone in the family is going through intense individual counseling so that the family and individual can learn to work together toward mental health.
Counseling for families can take different forms. In some cases, where the friction is between just a few family members, it might be quite small. In others, it can involve multiple generations and even family friends. Because each family is unique, treatment cannot be uniform. We are experienced in deep-rooted problems and can use our expertise to help your family heal together in a safe environment.
In family therapy, we help patients work together to decide how best to address the problem. Whatever the case, we will improve communication between the affected parties so that each person can understand why his or her actions may be problematic. We will take the right steps to build a family environment of trust, understanding, and safety.
Contact Sharon Stein McNamara Ed.D Psychology Inc if you believe your family could benefit from family counseling. We believe happiness is possible for every family through professional interventions and counseling. In addition to family therapy, we also have marriage counseling and couples workshops.

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