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Family Therapy

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Anxiety Therapy

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Beach 394503 960 720

Psychologist in Shoreview, MN

You can make the change you want. And I can help.

Psychotherapy is the process in which an individual makes a commitment to create changes in his/her life, by learning to cope with grief or loss, or by changing relationships or actions that are causing distress.

My methods will help you come to new insights that will increase the likelihood that you can make these changes.

I will provide a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere to help you decide how to make changes that improve your quality of life.

Over the course of therapy, we will discuss the best methods and the projected number of sessions you might need to achieve your goals.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your situation. Please be assured that all conversations and correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

Are you looking for an adherent and competent therapist who practices Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT?

Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D., is certified to practice DBT in the state of Minnesota. She leads group on Thursday from 2 to 4 in Shoreview, MN and also sees clients for appointment in individual therapy.

Sharon Stein McNamara works with a variety of populations including children, families, adolescents dealing with depression and anxiety, as well as issues such as relationships, divorce, family therapy, adoption, and post traumatic stress disorder.

My mission is to provide effective, competent, research-based treatments for my clients. I treat all clients with respect, care, and to provide quality service at all times. Each human being has potential to be nurtured. Every family and couple can be supported to reduce conflict and nurture growth of all members. Therapy in my practice is intended to bring out the best qualities in each person and to reduce self destructive behaviors.

From family therapy to anxiety therapy, Sharon Stein McNamara Ed.D Psychology Inc can assist you. For more information regarding marriage counseling or child therapy, contact our psychologist at Sharon Stein McNamara Ed.D Psychology Inc in Saint Paul, MN today!

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